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Samsung Easy Document Creator (Windows, Mac OS)

Scan Software Samsung Easy Document Creator

  • Samsung Easy Document Creator Software for Windows, Mac OS

Easy Document Creator Software
Using Samsung Easy Document Creator App offers users the ease of completing scanning tasks in a variety of formats, storing documents and compiling, even including the .epub format. It also relieves users to be able to share documents through social networking / fax sites, sharing scanned images when users use Easy Document Creator. Samsung Easy Document Creator supports the operating system only for Windows users, Mac OS, it can also be installed automatically when the user installs the printer software you support.

Using Setup Samsung Easy Document Creator

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Samsung Easy Document Creator

Samsung Software Download (Windows/Mac OS)

How to Scan Using Easy Document Creator


  1. Please place one document face down on the document glass / load the document face up to your machine document feeder
  2. Make sure that click Scan from the home screen
  3. Please select the type of scan you want, then click Start
  4. Make adjustments to your images, this can be scanned in Settings, More Options
  5. Click Scan for the final image scanning process / Prescan to get another preview image
  6. Make sure to select Save to Location (Send to Email/SNS)
  7. Please click Save, then Send (Send E-mail Scan) / Share (Upload)


Using Samsung Easy Document Creator, Click Scan More to scan other images with the same settings.

Samsung Print & Scanning Software

Explore Printer Solutions available for you need a Printer Software Drivers & Downloads for Windows, Mac OS provided on this page. The important thing is obligated to note that all the software that we make available to users of Your Printers listed below can be installed, even the information we get from directly your trusted products.

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