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Canon PRINT App Compatibility (PIXMA, MAXIFY and SELPHY)

Canon Print Inkjet / SELPHY App

  • Canon Camera & Printer Apps | PIXMA, MAXIFY and SELPHY Models

Canon Print Inkjet / SELPHY App
Canon Print Apps for iOS 11.0 ~ 12.0 / Android OS 4.4 ~ 9.0 - With using your smartphone as a scanner, and capture function, Copy Smartphone in Canon PRINT app offers users with the easy-to-quick convenience of using your smartphone's camera. As you get super advanced connectivity in the world of printing, scan easily from your mobile device, just from touch to the printer with the Canon PRINT application (Print, copy, and scan), can store, or send emails directly from your phone, link to the cloud for more flexible control, this ensures that all functions should be available across all products.

With scanning, scanning images or documents stored in various formats, you can also send them directly to your smartphone/tablet, as real as you can including sending scans directly to email, using PIXMA Cloud Link to upload them to the cloud, scanning them to email (available only to Canon ink users original)

Canon Printing, Scan and Mobile Apps

Download the Canon PRINT app, while also providing lightness for users as a printing companion and working with smartphones or your tablet with your printer over Wi-Fi, and has a built-in access point or Wi-Fi Direct/always-on settings in each printing, scan remotely from your smart device.

Printing & Cloud Connection Scan

Creative with more from your printer, connect to the cloud anywhere, you can also enjoy the advantages of PIXMA Cloud Link, send scans to - or print from - the popular cloud / print your favorite photos directly from your trusted social media accounts, scan to email (available only to genuine Canon ink users)

Canon PRINT app compatibility

Canon's PRINT app is available to users of devices with most Wi-Fi printers, including PIXMA/MAXIFY models, and the latest SELPHY. This app is available for iOS devices (iOS 11.0~12.0), Android (OS 4.4~9.0.)

  • Android Download on the App store
  • iOS Get it on Google Play

Download & Install Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY Apps

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